What are the three Common Misconceptions about Journalism?

A journalism career isn’t that easy to cope up with the current workloads. The handling of news, articles, and reports, is not similar to just editing documents. But it is a word of finding out the truth and bringing it out to the people. Some people consider the job of a journalist to be just fame and money while coming to the TV. Well, it certainly is not that at all. If you ask what the three common misconceptions about journalism are, we will give you a ride to it.

Journalism is just any ordinary editing job:

An ordinary editing job is like that of an online article publisher or a resume writer. But when it comes to journalists, this is not the same at all.

First, on hire, most journalists work as news and article editor. They accept this position of the job, so as to understand the roots of their upcoming career. Being an editor, a journalist might come into any form of news, that can be beneficial to the people and even profitable to news Companies.

This is true for most of the journalists. Getting hired as top-class journalism and news anchor is impossible as a fresher or beginner. Aside, the job of a journalist even as an editor is not similar to any ordinary article and report editing job. Since, a journalist has to collect all of the relevant information from the real sources, tally them and publish the right article.

Many people used to pick up the daily newspaper or turn on the television to watch investigative reporting legends like Eric Malling deliver hard-hitting reports on CBC’s The Fifth Estate, and, later, on CTV’s W5 with Eric Malling.

Journalists have a luxurious life:

This is another of the worst misconception that arises when people get jealous of successful journalists. This is not the case at all. There are millions of struggling journalists, who want to make the field their career and work for the people. Only 5% to 10% of hard-working journalists succeed in their field that gives them a high path. What happens to the rest of them? They continue to try out their luck. It clearly seems that journalists never had a luxurious life at all. Beginner journalists have the worst life experiences. Top journalists who succeed become only financially stable. But still, they have to deal with social media roasts and hatred that runs among almost everyone.

Bloggers and journalists are the same:

Well, first of all, bloggers and journalists were never the same. And in an account of 2010’s google analytics, they are totally different. Since both bloggers and journalists write and edit articles, even publish them, the ground of clearance is actually different. Bloggers are more aware of keywords that run their articles on google. They are experts at it, whereas journalists aren’t. Bloggers can become greatly successful with their articles and their premium content. Even earn a lot of money and become rich. That isn’t the life of journalists at all, due to their struggle in the real field looking for the truth and bringing it in front of the people.

Aside, a blogger’s life is actually luxurious after he or she becomes successful, whereas a journalist’s life isn’t.