Producing Video for Your Teaching Activities

Before I start showing you “how” to produce good movie, i’d like to give you why you should really be doing this.

Firstly I believe that most teachers, be they corporate or self-employed, must be theoretically effective at using the internet to aid learning and development. I’m perhaps not stating you have to be a coder or flash developer, however, you do need to manage to find your way about net based purposes and application and have a great understanding of the cloud and Understanding Administration Systems.

That leads onto video. Video isn’t new. Most of us use DVDs on our programs, YouTube films and on the web movie to provide some ideas and concepts. But how many of us really build movie and use these films on our programs or in our mixed learning delivery sonxeber.

Learners eat up movie every day. The huge usage of Smartphones and Tablets signify everybody has the capability to use video. Persons today choose to watch a video than study a web site, YouTube is the second most widely used search engine, after Google, and is very well-liked by the Era Y. And movie can color a thousand words.

More to the point movie can record a display and could be taken by tens of thousands of people simultaneously. Could be paused, re-wound, replayed. Would you do that with a live instructor?

Video is great for eLearning, could be sent via your LMS, is interesting and expected by the computer smart learner. If we do not give movie, we are slipping behind the curve.

Let’s have a look at how. You will end up amazed how simply it may be learnt.

How can I Produce Video?

There are essentially two ways of fabricating video. Outsourcing the whole task to a separate creation company or DIY – take action yourself. Outsourcing is wherever many firms get but this choice is very high priced and will simply enable you to generate confined footage but the production is obviously first class.

DIY is less expensive and provides you with much more control. There are three ways you can do this. Equip a facility with all the current equipment you’ll need, use your Smartphone or use your notebook or PC webcam.


Your Smartphone may generate good movie which may be edited applying application to produce a affordable final result. Do get yourself some kind of tripod. For a couple of kilos you can buy a tripod that is created specifically for Smartphones. I picked one up this season from eBay and put it to use for learners to report their own movies on my courses. The tripod stops the jerkiness that will occur without.

Smartphones may be used “selfie” type to report you talking about your subject on spot in the event that you wish. I’m often seen strolling my pets self-recording myself sharing a selling hint or idea. It provides realism to the footage, reliability that business movie does not have. The significant downfall is sound, it’s just 2nd rate. You can get lavaliere microphones for £50 that resolve the situation and give your movie professional sound. But they’re fiddly and eliminate the mobility benefit of the phone.

One other problem is moving the movie onto your PC or notebook for editing. Many Smartphones distribute movies to cloud storage and because movie measurements are huge, this process can be very cumbersome. It’s best to tether your Smartphone to your PC and transfer the footage by cable.


These come mounted in tablets, laptops and can be purchased for a couple kilos for PCs. They generate good quality footage and are often edited since the files live on your own PC after recording. But the outputs only seem like cam videos. Persons do not look at the camera if they report themselves, preferring to look at the monitor and the production appears stilted, only an instructor conversing with the computer.

Backgrounds usually are poor, maybe a shelf or perhaps a bare wall.

You are able to report your Skype production simply enough. For £20 you can buy application that will record your Skype movie conversation with somebody and production it as a film file.

I have performed this very properly when interviewing experts or SMEs. Lately I interviewed on Skype, for an hour, the UK’s many successful safety salesperson. I applied the program to recapture the meeting and made a series of films which had equally of our photographs area by side. The sound was OK and it had an expression of pleasure and edginess which managed to get very engaging.